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About Harmony in Tranquility: Counseling for the Soul

The ultimate goal at Harmony in Tranquility: Counseling for the Soul, is to support individuals and families in building healthier and happier lives. Starting internally, creating further external success and happiness. Treatment expertise includes individual, family, and couple's therapy. The founder is also a child and adolescent treatment specialist (CMHS). At Harmony in Tranquility, people are provided with the utmost respect with high focus on the value of each individual’s needs. The founder, and sole proprietor, emphasizes the importance of dignity and worth within each person.

Is Harmony in Tranquility a good fit for me and/or my family?

At Harmony in Tranquility the founder (Lori D. Wolff, LMFT, CMHS) offers vast experience in many areas of mental health. Including, but not limited to, overcoming trauma, depression, anxiety, adjustment challenges, behavioral challenges, LGBTQ, struggles with managing anger, and several mood disorders.

As a Child Mental Health Specialist (CMHS), she offers treatment to many members of the child & youth population and their families for a variety of diagnostics.

Therapeutic approaches used by Lori are integrative, as she believes we are ultimately experts of ourselves and our overall needs. Some examples of treatment modalities used include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy(+), Solution Focus, Psychodynamic, and Experiential. Play therapy (including sand play) and Parent-Child Interaction are widely used in child and adolescent treatment.

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Is Harmony in Tranquility the Right Fit For Me?

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Meet The Founder and Sole Proprietor

"Embracing Difference and Individuality without Judgement or Bias."

Thank you for your Vulnerability!

Lori D. Wolff

Lori D. Wolff

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Child Mental Health Specialist

My passion is genuine and I believe that people thrive when they are fulfilled, supported, and are able to feel wanted and loved. I understand how challenging life can be and I embrace difference. I enjoy treating people because of the unique qualities each person has and the value they bring into this world.